Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Robert Hardgrave

I was very fortunate to have been given a private tour of Robert Hardgrave's studio earlier this year, during which I received some solid advice about contracts and engaged in interesting discussions on metal music, techniques and brushes with death, among other things. In addition, he showed me an impressive stash of pill bottles he collected during an illness he had a few years back and told me that he was saving them for some sort of epic art project. I hope to see that come to fruition in the near future. Robert is a lovely person and a very talented artist whose work never ceases to amaze me; I'm am very proud that he has chosen participate in this project.

Question: What's behind the mask?

Answer: Corporate pigs.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mark Ryden and me as an octopus

I was excited to have the first artist to send something back be the distinguished Mr. Ryden. This is what I originally sent. He actually incorporated this back in with the blank card and included a clipping of me from the comic along with a plethora of stickers and stamps.

Here's what he sent back. Noting the Aries sticker on the envelope, I would be curious to know what inspired his choice to draw the planetary sign for Mercury on my shirt.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here is a list of cards that have been sent out thus far. There are actually no formal names for the pieces; the titles below are more of a description.

1) Carson Ellis - "Hiding Animals" sent 8/20/10
2) PCP "Claveloux Kingdom" sent 8/30/10
3) James Jean "Deer Trophy In A Red Room" sent 9/7/10
4) Robert Hardgrave "Dina" sent 9/7/10
5) Kozyndan - "Neighborhood Angels" sent 9/13/10
6) Mark Ryden - "Girl In A Dress" sent 9/13/10
7) Ramis Kim - "Psychedelic Space Explorers" sent 9/14/10
8) Saelee Oh "Green Bird on a Blue Branch" sent 9/14/10
9) Tord Boontje - "Unraveling Birds" sent 9/15/10
10) Moki - "Girl With A Dog" sent 9/15/10
11) Brendan Monroe & Evah Fan - "Ballooning" sent 9/15/10
12) Jayme McGowan - "Jayme As A Paper Doll" sent 9/15/10
13) Amy Sol - "Girl Picking Flowers" sent 9/15/10