Thursday, August 19, 2010

The idea...

So I had this thought the other day: what if I made little pieces of art and sent them to a bunch of famous artists, along with a tiny blank canvas for them to create something and return it? Would I get anything back? Would they even read my request?

This is an experiment, an art project if you will. Let see how it goes.

In the envelope:
- a small piece of original art
- a blank card
- an addressed return envelope
- this little note

The List:
James Jean
Gregory Euclide
Audrey Kawasaki
Jeffrey Brown
Craig Thompson
Eleanor Grosch
Carson Ellis
Tord Boontje
PCP a.k.a. Heisuke Kitazawa
Tomer & Asaf Hanuka
Shaun Tan
James Kochalka
Souther Salazar
Ray Caesar
Camille Rose Garcia
Kathleen Lolley
Robert Hardgrave
Matt Bernier
Oksana Badrak
Nate Powell
Jason Munn
Jeana Sohn
Saelee Oh
Jillian Tamaki
Andy Abero
Brendan Monroe
Catherine Campbell
Eva Mastrogiulio
Evah Fan
Fontaine Anderson
Jayme MgGowan
Leah Chun
Ramis Kim
Gary Baseman
Tim Biskup
Greg Simkins
James Roper
Ryan McLennan
Sylvia Ji
Tiffany Bozic
Tomokazu Matsuyama
Travis Louie


  1. This is a wonderful idea for a project! Congrats on the responses so far and I hope you receive more!

  2. Hi, I love the whole concept, your artwork and the art you have received so far. Not sure if you're going to expand your lists of artist but may I add one more - Jeff Schaller - he's one of my personnal favorites.

  3. What a delightful idea. I think that standart post is one of the classic pleasures that has persisted in culture. It is one of the ways I stay in touch with my dearest friends, specifically those that live overseas. I have tried attempts as a non-fine arts artist to engage similar ideas. I think what you are doing is beautiful and fun. To create a dialogue through your work, continue the conversation somewhere else and return, then blog...I am satisfied and interested to see it grow.

  4. What a beautiful way to collect art! I want to play!

  5. i had a similar idea a year ago...i just didnt know how to reach the famous i swapped with local artists i know

  6. I just the piece that Audrey Kawasaki made for you, I have to say I'm jealous, it's my favorite thing she's ever made. You're pretty brilliant!

  7. Ah! Such a wonderful idea! Very inventive and brave of you, too.

  8. what a great idea and I am SUPER jealous you got a piece from Audrey Kawasaki! She is one of my absolute favorite artists! I saw her show in New York last year and was super excited. My ipod is adorned with her Oiran piece! I'd love to try this idea, but I don't want to be a copycat.