Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiffany Bozic and Eleanor Grosch

I arrived home today, post-Thanksgiving, to find two envelopes on my desk. The first was from fine artist Tiffany Bozic. She included in the envelope a card from her NYC Joshua Liner gallery opening two weeks ago, which included a nice thank you note with some kind words of encouragement. As for the artwork, I had to spend a minute or two thinking about which way was up and decided on the configuration below, based on the shadows under the two birds and the fact that the bow should be hanging down (at least according to the laws of gravity).




The other envelope was from Philly-based vector-artist Eleanor Grosch, who, in my opinion, is like the Dr. Doolittle of the mid-century style art world. Her art is so animal-focused, it's almost more accurate to call it a "menagerie" than a "portfolio". That's what I love about it. I have met her a few times at past Bumbershoot Flatstock events (she is such a sweet person) and still have the lovely hand-screenprinted Of Montreal poster with flying fish I purchased from her in 2006 for $20. It used to hang in my kitchen when I had my own apartment but I now share a house with other people and unfortunately wall space is a bit limited. Also, a few years ago, I had the incredible luck of taking a trip to Portland and just happening to walk in to Powell's books at the same time she was having an exhibit there. A very happy accident.

Sent: "And then what happened?"

Received: "I landed in some flowers!"


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  2. Those flowers are so nice! The spacing and positioning is so careful!